Listed below are all credits as a Composer, Sound Designer and Engineer for productions and events dating to 1997.

Musician, Singer/Songwriter

        Performance as Singer Songwriter, Band front-man                                                             1997 to present

        Perform in music venues around Chicago including Goose Island Brewpub in Wrigleyville, The Elbo Room, The Hidden Shamrock, The Throne Room, as well as in Grand Rapids, MI for the annual Festival of the Arts.

        Debut Album: Something Missing, released 11/1/11

        Second Album: Here I Am, released 7/14/15

        EP release: Something Found, in production for winter 2016 release

Composition and Sound Design – Engineer


        Only 14 Days                                                                         "Pre-Production"                          2017

        Film Music Composer

        Bowser Makes a Movie                                                       Hornbill Films                                2005

        Film Music Composer

        The Lockout                                                                           Vizag Productions                        2004

        Film Music Composer


        The Wild Reef: Sharks at Shedd                                         Shedd Aquarium                          2003

        Music Composer/Recording Conductor

        Dr Finn’s Shark Experience                                                  Shedd Aquarium                          2003

        Music Composer

        Yetl and The Totem                                                              Shedd Aquarium                          2002

        Music Composer


        Middle Aged White Guys                                                    Open Eye Theater                        2003

        Sound Designer/Composer

        Damage Control                                                                   Noble Fool Theatricals                2003

        Assistant Sound Designer

        No Exit                                                                                    Speaking Ring Theater                2002

        Composer/Sound Designer/Recording Conductor

        The Waverly Gallery                                                             Pegasus Players Theater             2002

        Sound Engineer

        Seven Minutes in Heaven                                                    Speaking Ring Theater                2002

        Composer/Live music accompaniment

        Oscar Remembered                                                              Speaking Ring Theater                2001

        Composer/Sound Designer

        Kindertransport                                                                    Loyola University                         2001

        Music Composer/Sound Designer

        Student Directing Finals                                                      Loyola University                         1999-2001

        Sound Designer/ Engineer

        Centennial Forum Student Union                                     Loyola University                         1999-2001

        Audio and Lighting Technician for concerts and events in student union

        Orlando                                                                                 Loyola University                         1999

        Sound Designer