Drawing from my my first artistic life, gracing the stages as a ballet dancer. I excelled at storytelling through movement lept into my second artistic life as an actor, bringing the story of life through emotions and connections to the words and others speaking those words on stage. Exiting the stage, I spent my third artistic life creating the worlds for stories being told as a scenic designer, lighting designer, and audio designer.

I now hold all of these lives in concert and focus on creating stories through the all senses.

Mostly a composer and songwriter I strive to support storytelling through word and movement by providing the soundtrack to the experience. I call on what is emotionally happening in the lyrics, scene, or idea for the dance and place myself inside it to bring forth the music and soundscape necessary to glue it all together. My lives are fully inside all I write and create.  

I draw on my deep involvement of story through movement, song, dance, words, sounds, and lights, and bring the emotion, depth, environment to the concert of all senses and guide the listener or viewers journey through the stories that they cultivate in their own mind - whether it is in picture or live - in front of them or not. I treat creating a soundscape as creating a life on its own.